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Risen is now on Etsy!

I've been a vintage collector for the past 20 years for the main purpose of utilizing the pieces I find and intermingling them with modern styling elements for my industry's projects and productions. One of the main reasons I was hired for these high profile productions was because of my intuitive eye which brought innovative ideas to the table. My styling elements ultimately shaped the direction of each production.

Risen, to me, is the idea of bringing dormant ideas and passions about fashion and entertainment back to life. Giving a new breath to original ideas. Freedbird Productions has always been about bringing people and beautiful products together (ie. hair, makeup, wardrobe, and accesories). Risen, now, is the vehicle which makes the latter part of those products available to you by scouting and scouring the world for those hard-to-find, buried treasures and letting you own a very original piece of history.

Now you have the opportunity to stop buying what's on the manequins! BE CREATIVE! Now you can purchase one-of-a-kind elements to incorporate into your own wardrobe. Now have fun, be sassy, and go skinny dippin! When you get out of the water and get dried off, just put on somethin special and go around giving the peace sign. ;)

Here's my Risen Etsy store's link! ENJOY!

I'll end with a sampling of images from the first Etsy collection we've put online; there are already more items available and there will be more tomorrow! Styling (makeup, hair, wardrobe) on the following photos by Freebird Productions (ME, TIA!) and photography by both my friend Wrecklessgirl and myself!

Many more to come, these are just a few samples of recently uploaded items for sale.

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